Positive Behavior Supports:

To address Challenging Behaviors, Developmental Learning Needs, and Social Skills Development

Recent Presentations (handouts):

GRIT Presentation (PDF File)

Trial & Error Lesson (Jan. 2016) (PDF File)

Effective and Non-Effective Communication Patterns between the Parents and the School

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Information/Diagram on Friendship Formation

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Social Skills Groups: Value-Play™ High5-Time  Groups start up 4 times a year:  September; January; May; & July and run 8 to 12 sessions.

Click on the Social Skills Programs link at the top of the page for updated information on program developments including the use of iPad apps within the sessions and for home.

rubato app is finally here and available on the apple app store for iPad.  Real-time, time management!  A teaching and learning tool for Executive Functioning as it relates to time management, prioritizing, and delay of gratification.  

Check out the how-to demo video and benenfits of the app: http://youtu.be/zU-VBxTsO-E

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