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An exciting social skills project was launched in the Fall of 2012.  The project is called,  Value-Play for children Pre-K through 6th grade and High5-Time for 7th-8th graders and High School Children.  

Value-Play / High5-Time are based on a Social Skills Curriculum that has grown over the past 11 years from Todd Kellogg starting up and running social skills programs at agencies, school systems, and most recently under PositiveFamilyBehavior, LCC.  Over 160 different strategies have been narrowed down to a 81+ skills that are taught through a visual lesson plan, role-modeling, practice and generalization.  See the Social Skills Curriculum.  And for an explanation of Value-Playand  High5-Time and how these programs are unique, please see the following video:


Value-Play /  High5-Time were launched at the Wilton Office located at 196 Danbury Road (Rt. 7) - just 2 miles from Westport and Norwalk.  Simply call or email Todd Kellogg to arrange for a brief intake and to sign-up.  Every effort will be made to match your son or daughter with other similar peers to form the best possible group.      

Todd T. Kellogg, LMFT, BCBA: 


Phone/Voice Mail: 203-543-2043


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Value-Play /  High5-Timeare meant to work with a host of effective social skills programs and teaching methods.  With Value-Play /  High5-Time™ the idea is to help children and young adults understand that every social situation is an opportunity to give, receive, and take-away value.  This Value-Exchange concept will be combined with some of the latest and highly reviewed social skills apps offered on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  

Between the Lines Level 1 and Level 2

Puppet Pals HD



Middle School Confidential 1

Middle School Confidential 2

Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults


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